Saturday, August 06, 2005

What to read before 1L year?

I'm seeing that the existing blawgs [blah - almost as bad as the term blog itself] are giving advice to 1L's. There's always the damn reading list question - what should I read before law school?

Anything having nothing to do with the law. Really. If you're properly fuh-reaked out your fall term, you will have the attention span of my nephew after a few sippy cups of apple juice for anything outside your courses, and likely for some of those, too. When activities and a full course load hit you in the spring, you generally only get your life back if you stop and say "Screw this, I miss TV," and decide what courses to leave entirely to the bought or downloaded outline.

Unpersuaded? Well, everyone says OneL by Turrow, but then again, most people say that freaks them the hell out. The one thing I can tell you is that OneL has more to do with the range of emotional response students have to law school than it does about the actual classes. A good example is the absentee student who figures class is completely useless for anything but agony and the odd bit of humiliation. [I'd agree that those of us who go most of the time are masochists if it were not for and espn - god bless wireless.] I swear, in May I saw five people I hadn't seen since December. Then again, maybe they decided to sit in on classes with decent profs instead.

If you want something that will prepare you for an old school "Socratic Method" professor, especially for contracts, this Kafka gem will do ya: In the Penal Colony